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Q: Is PRPsolutions networkable?
A: Yes it is.  Unlike other popular software, PRPsolutions is not limited to a few concurrent users.  Software engine is capable of 256 concurrent users.

Q: Is there a limit to the amount of customers I can enter?
A: PRPsolutions has no pre-defined limit as to the number of items/products/parts, customers, vendors etc. that you may have in the system.

Q: Can I use this software to operate multiple companies?
A: There is no limit to the number of companies you can track.

Q: Does this software have any security features?
A: Security module included, gives the administrator the ability to set and limit access to various program modules and functions on a per user basis.

Q: Who was the software designed for?
A: PRPsolutions was designed specifically for your kind of business.  Whether you are involved in
distribution/sales, service/repair and or a manufacturing industry,  PRPsolutions gives you total control over your operations so you can maximize efficiency, productivity and profits.

Q: What is "Digital Secretary", "Digital Salesman", etc?
A: Unique program functions specifically designed to automate various time consuming tasks. To learn more click here

Q: Can this software track serial numbers, assemblies ... ?
A: Inventory items can have assigned serial number, multiple color/style to allow user to track, store and recall detailed records.  PRPsolutions software has the ability to build an unlimited combination of assemblies and sub-assemblies whether stored in one or multiple warehouses.

Q: What are "Electronic Catalogs" ?
A: Seamlessly integrated manufacturer's database, listing all of their products. 
To learn more click here

Q: What are my inventory search options?
A: Beyond the usual category or sub-category searchable fields, user has extremely flexible and intelligent search options. 
"Seeing is believing" - To learn more click here

Q: What is "Price Matrix"?
A: There are two matrixes.  One for customers and the other for vendors allowing real-time calculation of cost and selling price.
To learn more click here


"Ask and you shall receive" - proverb.


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